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We create strategic frameworks that will help you make commercial sense of how your brand can leverage Influencer Marketing and amplify its effectiveness.

​We don’t just give influencer a brief and hope for the best, we work with them throughout the ideation and creation process to ensure that the content hits the mark and performs as it should. Every campaign is viewed as a collaboration between the brand and the influencer with Found orchestrating the communication effectively and efficiently.


We have a dedicated data team and combine this with our expertise to select only the most relevant influencers and content creators who have established communities that are relevant to your brand. We use best-in-class software and technology to allow us to audit audience demographics and identify inauthentic followers and accounts.

Expect Social Media Marketing
Expect Social Media Marketing


Our job is not done once the posts have gone live. We track and monitor all influencer content through our monitoring platform and ensure it’s on-track to succeed. At the end of each campaign we provide a thorough evaluation report that highlights the value of each post and the effective ROI of your campaign.

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EARN THROUGH FIVERR  Work from anywhere with fiverr

We have mentioned Fiverr here before as a means to off-load some work to talented entrepreneurs who are offering their services for a affordable flat fee. You too can offer your talents on fiverr, and not just for a measly $5,- per Gig.

When Fiverr first started, you were only allowed to charge $5. Now you can charge more, anywhere from $5 to $995.

While you’re setting up your Gig, you can create packages of your service for Basic, Standard and Premium packages, charging different prices for each.

For each package, you can add extras and charge additional fees. A common extra is Extra Fast Delivery, where a buyer pays more money on top of the normal Gig fee to have the seller deliver the service faster.

Efficiency is the name of the game. There are so many offerings to chose from in every category that you can streamline your offering and make decent money for little effort.

A lot of the services are templated. For example, if you offer to create an intro video to a customer for YouTube, it would mean you create a video template once and then simply replace logo, text, and possibly background audio to fit the next customers needs.

Once the template is in place it would only take you about 15minutes of your time to create another version of it for another pay-out for you.

Some other services you could offer are things which can be done on a bus-ride. For example, translating a short text from one language to another. Or you can offer article writing utilizing Google Voice Recognition to take over the typing for you. In that case you would simply talk into your smartphone, proof read the result, and send it out.

Finally when you offer a gig on Fiverr, please make sure that you follow all guidelines and TOS (Terms of Services) from all parties involved. For example, users have been banned for providing a service to create a mobile app review.

Once you are banned there is nothing Fiverr will do to help you to re-establish your account. In one example, a user was banned without breaking any

Toes but the account was closed for good anyways even after the Fiverr support agreed that no rules or toes were broken.
Unfortunately it is not always clear if you violate any rules as the same services which are used to ban some users are already offered at Fiverr. You may lose your account at any given time for no reason

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